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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Wordless Wednesday with Linky - Our Coyotes - January 6, 2016

Our pack of coyotes is a highlight here in the rural desert that we live in.  In the fifteen years that we have owned our small to medium dogs, the coyotes have never attacked them - even if our male decides to go after them.  We find them sleeping near our back door every morning, and they come back around in the evening.  If they have nothing else to do they just stay near the house.  We do provide them with water and there is plenty of shade here in the summer.

 Found curled up in balls one frosty cold morning.

Here's Buddy curious as to what I was doing

I was just taking some pictures for a review outside, Buddy.

The other week I finally caught them greeting each other in the evening.  You might have to turn up your speakers just a little to hear them in the background.  This is just a small video I did far a Christmas light review.
This is just today as the clouds were rolling in.  We are happy to get the rain here in our SoCal desert.

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