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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Baby Boo Soft Silicone Bib - Cute & Keeps Baby Clean

Being a mom of six children and now a grandmother, I am a baby lover.  It is so wonderful to see their faces brighten up with a smile, giggle, to just so many fun things as they explore their new world.  When it's feeding time, there is nothing like playfully spooning them their food, and baby having fun fingering what they have in their mouth.  They just gotta know what you're feeding them, and then half of the time, it doesn't stay in the mouth.  Even with a bib, the food ends up staining a shirt, down into the seat of the high chair, and ending up on the floor.  It's like they turn into a cute little messy monster.

The Baby Boo Bib is the cutest bib and most efficient bib I have ever found, and I wish I had a few of these for my little messy 'monsters' when they were young.  Since I have such fond memories of my little messy 'monsters', I got the blue monster bib for my little grandson.  This bib really helps to tame those monster messes as there is a generous sized pocket ready to gobble that spilled food.

The Baby Boo silicone bib is the perfect bib for my little sweet messy grandson.  To help his mother out, that silky silicone will never get stained, plus it's super safe for baby to wear as it's latex free, phthalate free, BPA free, and lead free.  My daughter safely washes this bib on the top rack of her dishwasher once a day for a thorough cleaning and she just wipes it clean after eat meal.  Plus, she really thinks it's just fun for her son to wear while he is eating.

This bib is going to grow with my grandson.  My daughter tells me that it's easy to latch the hook into one of the three holes.  Having this expandability will make this bib last for for my grandson.  He's just in the beginning stages of taking real meals and this bib will last him into the toddler stage.  If the bib needs to come off in a hurry, just a good tug will pull that hook out of that hole - you don't have to untie it.

The Baby Boo Soft Silicone Bib comes in five different creature styles - red monkey, pink pig, orange tiger, gray elephant, and blue monster.  That blue monster bib really makes my grandson look adorable!

Get the Baby Boo Soft Silicone Bib right at Amazon for an incredible low price!  Be sure to follow Baby Boo on Facebook.

Disclosure: I received the Baby Boo silicone bib at a deeply discounted price in return for an honest review.  All opinions above are my own, and no other compensation was received.

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