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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Best Flashlight You Will Ever Own - BYB C8 Cree T6 LED Rechargeable Flashlight

My husband always thought that his big flashlight, one of those super powerful millions of candlepower spotlights.  He had to have one, and like a good wife, I let him have his toy.  It made him happy, but it's just too heavy for me.  I want and need a good powerful flashlight that is easy to carry around!

My wish for the perfect flashlight has come true!  From BYB, the C8 Cree T6 LED Rechargeable Flashlight.  It's lightweight, and the light that emits from this little flashlight is amazing!

This incredible little flashlight produces a powerful 1000 lumen beam of light - just like holding floodlight in your hands.  It's bright enough to light up what you need with a powerful bright beam in the middle of the wide swath of light when you click this on.  To help with the clarity of the beam, the flashlight comes with a toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with an anti-reflective coating.  To make the beam even more powerful, the large chamber with the Cree bulb is coated with a superbly polished reflective chrome.  The beam of this flashlight can be projected up to 500 meters.

With a click of the soft rubber button at the bottom of the flashlight, it turns the flashlight on.  Give the button a half-press, and it switches its mode!  There are five different modes all together on the flashlight: high; medium; and low; a fast flashing strobe light; and a real SOS emergency feature.  Whatever mode you turn the flashlight off - high, medium, or low - there is a built memory function that will turn the flashlight back on at that same mode.

The design of the flashlight is quite impressive.  It is powered with a genuine 18650 3.7v 2200mA lithium battery.  This is a premium energy efficient battery that runs for a long time between charges.  So that you can charge this battery, it does come with a plug-in charger meant just for this 18650 battery.  It charges up super quick!

The flashlight is IP-4 water resistant which means that it will be fine in a heavy rain, but not for underwater usage.  The surface is has an anti-abrasive and scratch resistant surface, and is shock proof so it can survive if you accidentally drop it.

I am so happy to have this flashlight.  I keep it right at my bedside for any kind of emergency.  We've recently had two larger earthquakes in the last week in the 4 range.  If there are any big ones that take out the lights in the middle of the night, I am ready!

Need the best flashlight available?  Get the BYB C8 Cree T6 LED Rechargeable Flashlight at Amazon.

Disclaimer: I received this flashlight in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own, and I was not given any other compensation.

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