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Thursday, February 11, 2016

They Shimmer They Glimmer - Rainbow Moonstone Gold Earrings From Sitara Collections

How delighted I was when I got these beautiful Rainbow Moonstone Earrings from Sitara Collections to review and share with you!  These are absolutely one gorgeous pair of earrings.

These rainbow moonstones radiate lovely shimmering blue ribbons that fade into deep hints of deep purple.  What is a moonstone?  It is a part of the feldspar family that have a ghost-like sheen, almost an unearthly glow, that moves under the surface of this stone.  It could be compared to like moonlight glowing in water.  The Sitara moonstones exemplify this description, and when you move these moonstones to catch the light, they shimmer a bright blue.  This shimmering is officially called its 'adularescence' and these moonstones have an abundance of aldularescence.  Just a turn of your head will emit those lovely highlights.

The earrings are gold plated over sterling silver (stamped 925), and, comparing the gold to some other jewelry that I have, it is 24k gold overlay.  With the gold plate, my nickel-sensitive ears are perfectly fine - no irritations.  Around the moonstones, Sitara complemented the moonstones with a silky finish.  This texture contributes to the artistry of these earrings.

The ear wires are nice and long, and don't tend to slip off your ears.  Sitara does include some earrings backs for the wires to keep these earrings secure in your ears.  I do recommend that you use these ear backings with these moonstone earrings.

The earrings come with a pouch to store them in.  I do put them in this pouch to store these moonstone earrings in to keep them looking their best.  Feldspar is considered a softer mineral that can scratch and crack easily.  So when storing, use the pouch so that the earrings will avoid contact with other hard pieces of jewelry.

When you wear these earrings, be sure to wear those earrings backs so that these earrings don't fall out of your ears as you wouldn't want the stones to break or chip.  When cleaning these earrings, don't use any harsh chemical detergents, just some water or a little natural soap and clean them with your fingers or a very soft brush.  Dry gently with a soft cotton towel.  Anything harsh will remove that beautiful smooth surface of a moonstone.

I am truly in love with these enchanting Rainbow Moonstone Earrings from Sitara Collections.  I wear these earrings to parties, to church, or even casually going shopping.  Each purchase comes in a gift box.  What a perfect present these earrings would be for Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary, or for the holidays!  Sitara Collections has an elegant selection of fine jewelry.

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Sitara Collections is committed to honoring its artisans through fair trade practices and by donating a portion of each sale to an educational foundation that benefits children in India. It's their way of adding a little love to every purchase.

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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.


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