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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

BarnDad's Fiber DX 8-Layer Fiber Supplement Shake - Boosts Your Metabolism While Controlling Your Appetite

Fiber is one thing that I know I need more in my diet, but most of the foods that contain a lot of fiber really don't taste that good.  I have recently discovered a fiber supplement shake that provides, depending on which flavor you choose, 44% to 56% of your daily fiber requirement.  Not only does it provide you with 100% natural, time release, soluble and insoluble fiber matrix, it also naturally reduces hunger and supports healthy weight management, lean muscle and a healthy digestive system.  What is this fiber shake supplement?  It's BarnDad's FiberDX!  I am so happy that BarnDad Innovative Nutrition sent me sample packs of each BarnDad’s FiberDX flavors to try out.

BarnDad’s FiberDX is a 100% natural, 8-layer fiber shake supplement that is unlike any other fiber product on the market. While most popular fiber products contain a high amount of just soluble fiber, BarnDad’s products takes it to the next nutritional level with a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber.  BarnDad makes it easier to get all your essential daily fiber needs.

Have you taken fiber supplements in the past, and, like me, have experienced unwanted side-effects with other fiber supplements, like bloating?  BFDX's proprietary, eight-layer fiber matrix, works in days to provide consumers all the benefits of a high fiber diet without the negative side effects.  You don't get any bloating, and I like that a lot, plus all the flavors taste so good.

I guess I will start you out with BarnDad's Original FiberDX.  This is first fiber supplement that BarnDad created and it's flavorless.  BarnDad's FiberDX is a flavorless, universal ingredient that easily mixes with water or other beverages and can also be used in baking as a flour substitute, resulting in healthy and delicious meals, snacks and desserts. Mix it into your morning coffee, tea, juice or smoothie.  Stir BFDX into hot soups or oatmeal, and it will thicken stews, sauces and gravy with a BFDX roux. Use as a partial flour substitute for everyday baking.

I liked to make the Original FiberDX into an Orange Julius.  To make it I took one cup of milk, half a cup of orange juice, with about a quarter of a teaspoon of vanilla, and mixed it all together with the sample packet of BarnDad's Original FiberDX.  It's so good, plus I am getting all that fiber, and it does suppress my appetite well.

The BarnDad's Fiber DX in German Chocolate flavor satisfies that urge for chocolate.  BFDX’s German Chocolate Shake packs 56% of your daily fiber needs to help reduce insulin spikes, curb hunger and support visceral fat loss.  It contains a whopping 14 grams of fiber and 13 grams of protein.  As with all of BarnDad's fiber shakes, German Chocolate shake contains no artificial sweeteners and is sweetened with Sucralose.

This one is delicious, and, being a chocolate fiend, I liked it a lot, but I could taste the Sucralose.  Not very used to that Sucralose flavor, but the chocolate made this shake very satisfying.  I just mixed this one with milk, and it satisfied me well.

Here's one of BarnDad's newest flavors, Cinnamon Bun (14g of fiber and 13g of protein per serving) takes your daily fiber routine to the next level.  BarnDad Innovative Nutrition boosted their original formula with over 25 percent more fiber and over 85 percent more protein per serving with this flavor. Plus, with BFDX's Cinnamon Bun flavor, you'll get all the same incredible health benefits of their original proprietary fiber matrix mixed with the irresistible delight of a smooth and creamy cinnamon flavor. It also contains an amped protein blend (whey, soy and casein) to help speed and improve lean muscle recovery. No artificial sweeteners. No negative side effects.

I loved this flavor!  The natural sweeteners in this one is stevia and monk fruit extract.  I don't get that 'artificial' flavor at all.  I mixed this one with just milk and it was wonderful.

Another one of BarnDad's newest FiberDX flavor is Strawberry Cream.  This one packs 52% (13 grams) of your daily fiber needs, to help reduce insulin spikes, curb hunger and support visceral fat loss. It also contains an AMPED protein blend of 13 grams to help speed and improve lean muscle recovery. With BFDX’s Strawberry Cream, you’ll get all the same incredible health benefits of that 8-layer fiber matrix with an amazing delicious velvety strawberry taste. All the flavor, benefits, and taste with no bloating or negative side effects.

This was my ultimate favorite of them all.  I really couldn't get enough of this one.  It is sweetened naturally with monk fruit extract and stevia.  This one hit a home run with me.

You will also find that BFDX also supports a healthy heart!  Eating a high fiber diet has been clinically proven to help reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.  Supplementing with BarnDad's Fiber DX will have a positive impact on the body's mechanisms for regulating healthy cholesterol production within normal ranges.  You can cook with any of BarnDad's FiberDX - check out BarnDad's Recipes.

Interested in increasing fiber into your diet without all the negative side-effects with the added benefits of suppressing your appetite, boosting your metabolism, and increasing lean muscle?  I urge you to try BarnDad's FiberDX for yourself!  Not sure what flavor you would like best - get a free sample package of each flavor of BarnDad's FiberDX (just pay shipping and handling).

Places you'll find BarnDad's FiberDX
BarnDad's FiberDX is the Ultimate fiber supplement for optimum health, peak performance and vitality at any age.  You can purchase BarnDad FiberDX directly at their website, or at any of the fine retailers above.

BarnDad Innovative Nutrition was founded in Pittsburgh, PA, and has quickly become the brand leader of innovative products for weight management, digestive/immune health and diabetes support. BarnDad’s vision is to educate and support consumers of all ages on the overall health and wellness benefits of using natural and active ingredients, such as high fiber and protein, in their daily foods and/or supplements to gain and maintain optimum health and peak performance.

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Disclosure: I received two sample packs from BarnDad's Innovative Nutrition for the purpose of this review.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.  
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