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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Go Camping & Stay Warm With the Peanut Sleeping Bag by EGOZ

Summer is going to be here soon.  Time to think about the fun that you will be having with the family.  How about some camping?  Camping sounds good to me!  One item that every camper needs is a good sleeping bag.  I recently got one in exchange for an honest review from EGOZ - The Peanut Sleeping Bag for adults.

What a nice comfortable sleeping bag this is from EGOZ.  It's just perfect for summer camping adventures with your family.  Since summer temperatures never get that cold, this sleeping bag will keep you cozy.  It's perfect for temperatures between +30ºF to +40ºF which could be the temps you might find if your camping out in a wilderness setting.

To keep you warm, the sleeping bag has a 100% polyester lining on the inside and the outside.  It gives the sleeping bag a silky feel.  On the inside you'll find just 100% cotton batting.  Cotton is so good as you will find that while it does give superior warmth, it also keeps this bag lightweight - it only weighs 3 pounds.  Cotton, as you know, is one of the best fibers that God has created that wicks moisture away.  In humid conditions with moisture condensation or your sweating, this sleeping bag will keep you dryer.

What will really keep you nice and warm in this sleeping bag is the construction of this bag.  The box baffle box construction with those ground-level side seams with a differential cut maximizes warmth that surrounds you.  Plus this will also eliminate and cold spots.  At the top, the draft collar and zipper draft tube will keep the cold air out of the bag.  Thus this keeps you nice and warm - and it does, too!  To keep you even warmer, the very top of the sleeping bag has a form-fitting hood.  It's quite nice, and you can tighten this hood with just one hand, and it is very easy to adjust.

I really believe that this sleeping bag is perfect for older teens and skinny adults.  The overall size is approximately 71 inches long by about 29.5 inches wide with about an extra 11 inches for the top form fitted hood.  EGOZ states that this bag can hold a person who is 6'6" tall.  Well, with it being about 29 inches wide when zippered, it does make this sleeping bag a bit snug.  I'm a bit claustrophobic, and I prefer a wide sleeping bag, and this bag is just too skinny for me.  I don't like to sleep like a mummy, so this bag is perfect for one of my kids.  My youngest daughter is quite happy with this sleeping bag.

My daughter has no problem getting in and out of this bag. With that polyester silky feel on the inside of the bag, you just slide right in.  The zipper is a dual-slider zipper is very easy to zipper, and it glides up and down with ease.  At the very top of the zipper is a flap that locks the zipper in place with a bit of Velcro.  This locking flap is needed as the zipper will glide open on it's own if it weren't for the flap. When it says "dual-zipper" you might think that there is a pull-tab on the inside of the bag as well as the outside of the bag - no.  You do have to pull this sleeping bag shut from the outside, and that is not something that I care for, but can live with.  The "dual-zipper" refers to that there are two pulls on the long zipper - one on the top and one at the bottom of the zipper.  With the kind of zipper that is on this bag, you will not be able to zipper two bags together to make one larger one.

I found that the sleeping bag as a whole is very well sewn together as well.  All the seams are nice and tight.  I know that it is rated for +30°F, but it is a bit thin, and would be great for warmer weather as well.  The outside of the bag is a bit water resistant.  It comes with a bag to stuff it inside, and that bag has a convenient carry string that you can use to carry it over your shoulder or as a backpack that also pulls shut at the top.  This bag to put the sleeping bag into is not water resistant, so you may want to spray a little waterproofing spray on this.

This bag is great not only for camping out in the wilderness with, but also for just backyard camping, scouting and hiking excursions, sleepovers, extra guests in the house that you don't have a bed for, or for keeping in the trunk of your car with all of your other survivalist gear.  With the small size that it is when folded and put in the bag (7.1 x 9.4 x 15 inches), it really doesn't take up much room at all.

Overall - we are quite happy with this "Peanut" Sleeping Bag!  Get the EGOZ Peanut Sleeping Bag at Amazon.

Disclosure: I received this sleeping in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions about this sleeping bag are my own.
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