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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Smooth Writing Pentel Pens & Pencils Found At - #Review is the one place where I get my office supplies online.  If there is something I need, I know Shoplet has it - plus at an excellent price.  What is one of the essential office supply that most people can't go without?  Writing instruments!  Shoplet has such a selection of pens and pencils, but some of the best are from Pentel.  I should know as and Pentel recently sent me two great items to review.

I do like regular pencils, and my kids always preferred them over mechanical pencils for doing their school work here at home, but for me, I'll always prefer a mechanical pencil.  The Pentel Sharp Premium Mechanical Pencils are truly good ones.  These pencils are designed with superior construction that meet the demands of professionals and students alike.

With a mechanical pencil, you may be wondering where the eraser is.  It's hidden under the cap at the top.  This makes these mechanical pencils look more like a pen, and that makes them snazzy.  Inside these pencils you'll find that they have been pre-loaded with 6 sticks of Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead (#2 lead equivalent) that is 0.7 mm thick.  This lead is super strong and produces a clear dark line.  The 4 mm tip design makes it ideal for use with rulers and templates.  Really, this is a great pencil and one is in my pro-notebook right now.  It's really good to have a high quality mechanical pencil and this one does write well.

If you are looking for a superior pen, look no further than the Pentel EnerGel Alloy Retractable Pen.  Here is one of the best pens you can get for check writing, signing documents, anything that needs a permanent ink that won't blot or smear.  The ink is an ideal blend of liquid and gel for the best of both inks.  The ink is vivid, acid-free, and super-smooth.  This pen has a stainless steel tip that delivers the ultimate writing experience as rich liquid, gel ink glides across paper.

I am a lefty and proud of the weird way I write.  (One of these days we will rise up and take over the world, but until then, we have to survive in a right handed world.)  Because of the way that most left-handers write, backwards, we tend to smear ink all over the side of our left hand.  Now this is bother, as I have soiled so many Christmas cards in the past smearing the ink from my hand on to the items I write on.  With the Pentel EnerGel, no more smearing or blotting!  The ink dries super quick and my hand never gets dirty.

I love the lovely shiny look of the barrel of this pen, too.  It's a nice thicker pen with a distinctive, textured grip area provides extended comfort while you write.  This pen is retractable to protect pockets and purses, and refillable with Pentel LR7 metal-tip refill or any size/color EnerGel refill (so many colors to choose from, too).

Writing starts with Pentel pens and pencils - Find Pentel at  Shoplet is the #1 online retailer of business and office supplies.  At Shoplet you'll find an assortment of office supplies, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, office furniture, and everything in between.

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