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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

#Giveaway - Try Kitten-Soft Scotties For the Worst Allergy Symptoms - ends 5/23/16 US

The desert is one of the worst places for allergy sufferer to live, and that's where I'm at.  I live in the high Mojave Desert away from the city, even away from paved roads.  One of our native species that grows in abundance all around is the creosote bush.  In the spring and into the summer, as long as we get rain, these spindly bushes produce lovely little yellow blossoms - I'm allergic to their pollen.

While these little blossoms adorn the creosote, or grease bushes as they are also know as, I try to stay indoors.  These little flowers are so pretty when you look that them up close, but their pollen is wicked for me.  What happens if I stay out too long, my nose gets all stuffed up and headaches follow.  One thing I need to keep at my side is tissue - and the one tissue that is very soft on my nose is Scotties.

Just a few weeks ago, I got an allergy care package of Scotties 3-Ply Ultra Tissue.  I love Scotties and have been using it for years now.  When I have an allergy attack, the first sign are the itchy watery eyes, then come the sneezies.  I will sneeze and sneeze.  At the first sign of a sneeze coming on, I reach for a Scotties.  No matter how many times I sneeze, and I have sneezed up to 7 times in a row before, Scotties can handle them all and still be gentle for my eyes and my nose.

When you have to blow your nose often, like I do, you will want a tissue that will not leave your nose achy or scratched up.  I have suffered with allergies all of my life.  Scotties is so soft, and the 3-ply tissue is super strong and can handle the biggest of blows.  Plus, Scotties is easier on the pocketbook, and they do something special.

What is the special thing that Scotties does?  They plan for the future!  All Scotties products are proudly made in North America by Irving Consumer Products, Inc., a family owned company committed to managing its operations in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner.  For every tree that goes into making Scotties tissue, the company plants three trees to take its place!   In the past 50+ years, J.D. Irving, Limited has planted over 944 million trees.  That is truly special.

Scotties has been the only facial tissue that I have bought for many years.  With this being an El Nino year, I've noticed that my allergies are a bit worse with all the extra wildflowers.  I do find that the itchy watery eyes and the stuffy nose are the absolute worst – but Scotties is here for us!  They have the everyday comfort that we need for our family, but also the strength and softness for when symptoms are at their worst. For even the worst symptoms, try their 3-ply, or 3-ply with aloe for the extra strength you need.  You're going to love that kitton-y softness!

Scotties is dedicated to bringing you softness and value, while upholding a commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.  Sign up to the In Touch with Scotties online community today for savings, news, and rewards!

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