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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Polarized Sunglasses Provide Excellent Eye Protection - LotFancy Polarized Sunglasses Review

Eye protection from the sun rays are a priority for me and my family.  That's why sunglasses are an important item we wear whenever we go out.

I just went outside and took this picture to show you our bright desert sun.  We know the detrimental effects that can happen to our eyes going outside without protecting our eyes.  The number one thing we wish to avoid are cataracts.  UV Radiation from the sun can trigger the onset of cataracts.  It is a common misconception that cataracts are solely age related.  Wearing sunglasses with good quality polarized lenses help to cut the glare of that super bright sun.

Why polarized lenses?  There are quite a few advantages in wearing polarized sunglasses over non-polarized:

  • Cuts glare to increase visual comfort. Since your eyes aren’t constantly challenged by glare, it is easier to view objects in bright conditions.
  • Enhances clarity of vision and contrast for ground level objects and for seeing into water - diminishes reflections and glare on water
  • Reduces eyestrain. Frequent adjustments to the glare from reflections is taxing on the eyes and can lead to eye fatigue.
  • Conveys colors faithfully.  I find that wearing polarized lenses I can see cloud iridescence more often.

I just got a few pairs of polarized sunglasses from LotFancy to review.  Both my daughter and I are finding these polarized sunglasses so comfortable to wear, and are keeping our eyes protected from the harsh glare of the sun.  Both pairs do provide 100% UV400 rated protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

My daughter really loves an aviator style of sunglasses.  LotFancy had just what she was looking for.  These sunglasses have a brown polarized lens with a gold mirrored effect.

This daughter of mine makes her living on the road, and these sunglasses make that driving experience a whole lot better.  The lenses are a bit bigger than what you would find on other aviator styles that are available.  These oversize polarized sunglasses are keeping down the glare from the road.  Without all the sun's glare that reflects off the road, she sees much better and these polarized sunglasses from LotFancy are helping her to be a safer driver.

What else she likes about these sunglasses?  The brown lenses - she tells me that when she is traveling through greener area, the brown lenses enhance the green scenery.  What else does she like?  It's hard to see with the photos that we took, but the sunglasses have a mirrored effect.  With a mirrored effect, other people can't see your eyes or what you are looking at.  She likes this little extra bit of anonymity.

The gold metal frames are lightweight, have the look of class, and make my daughter look like she spent a fortune on these - in actuality these polarized sunglasses are really affordable.  The LotFancy Woman's Aviator Polarized Revo Gold Mirrored Sunglasses cost only a fraction of designer sunglasses, and are available at Amazon (Prime shipping available).

The polarized sunglasses that I chose for myself were these oversized black frame with polarized gray lenses.  I love polarized gray lenses for out here in the desert.  These sunglasses take a regular blue sky and turn it into a thrilling brilliant blue.  These polarized gray lenses turn a super hot looking desert, which our thermometer on the porch is currently reading as 115°, and makes it appear to be cooler out.  Just that appearance makes me feel cooler.

These polarized sunglasses from LotFancy look terrific on.  They are so very comfortable from the perfected curved earpieces to the integrated nose pads.  I just love the silver chain look that runs down the sides.

Another quality that I like about these oversized sunglasses is that the gray lens is the whole lens.  The gray does not fade half way down.  I have been shopping around recently looking for new sunglasses before LotFancy contacted me to review a few pairs, and all the larger oversized frames had lenses that fade.  For me, I want that full protection that these polarized lenses give me.

For me, these LotFancy polarized sunglasses are perfect!  They look great on me and they are super comfortable to wear, besides offering my eyes excellent protection from the sun's glare.  The LotFancy Women's Resin Frame Polarized Gray Sunglasses are available at Amazon for a super deal (Prime shipping available).

Both pairs of sunglasses, as with all of LotFancy's sunglasses, come with a zippered semi-rigid storage case and a lens cleaning cloth.  The cases are made with excellent workmanship and I can tell they will last for years.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned below for free in the hopes that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are 100% my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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