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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Keeping Food Fresher Longer with the Ozeri Instavac Food Storage Set

We all want our stored food to stay as fresh as possible.  Isn't it frustrating when you put fresh fruit away in a seemingly good container one day, and the next day it's already looking old?  This won't happen with the Ozeri Instavac Food Storage Set.  I am very thankful to Ozeri for sending me a set of their Instavac Food Storage Set to review for you.  This set of storage containers helps to keep your food fresher for a longer period of time.

Let's look first to what makes food spoil more quickly.  One of the biggest causes of food spoilage is oxygen and air.  Oxygen, by itself, can make food simply to oxidize and break down more quickly.  Without oxygen, microorganisms can thrive which is the main cause of mold on foods.  Oxidizing enzymes also lead to food breaking down more quickly.  Having an environment that is lacking oxygen is one sure way of keeping food fresher longer.  The Ozeri Instavac Food Storage Set takes the oxygen away from food thus your food stays fresher longer.

How do the Instavac containers work?  Once you fill a container, seal the lid, then press down on the lid.  The excess air is forced out through the valve on the top of the lid.  This creates a strong seal and won't let oxygen back into the container thus keeping foods fresher.

The seal on the container is so strong that you must lift the valve to let the air back in to be able to take off the lid.  On the valve, there is also a convenient dial that tells you can set to the day you put the food in the container.  Now you will know how long the food has been in the container.

So that some foods won't sit in their own juices, there is a wave pattern on the bottom of the containers.  This will help keep fruits and vegetables elevated.

Fresh fruit does stay fresher longer!

Even candy stays succulently softer and fresher for a longer time (if you can keep it for over a day that is)

I have even kept bagels fresher in these containers for a few extra days.

The Ozeri Instavac Food Storage Set comes in a set of four containers.  They easily stack within themselves to save space in your cupboard.  This containers set is BPA-free, stain-resistant, shatter-proof and as transparent as glass.  They can be used in the freezer, microwave and are dishwasher safe.  Ozeri always guarantees your satisfaction!  You can find this set at and

The manufacturer of specialty products for the home in a new age:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Send'em Back to School With Jif Creamy Granola Bars - Available at

One thing that my kids loved to snack on when they were growing us was a good granola bar.  We have a new favorite in the house, and it has all the delicious flavor of peanut butter that we love combined with the a sweet chewy texture.  It's the Jif Creamy Peanut Butter Granola Bars.  How kind of Shoplet and Jif to send me a box of these irresistible snack bars to share with you.

While I was home schooling my kids, I would always give them an afternoon snack to get their energy levels back up again after a long day of good learning.  What the menu usually consisted of was some fruit, a granola bar, and a glass of milk.  This would be the ticket to rev them back up to get their afternoon chores finished.

I'm like the kids, I love a good granola bar as an afternoon snack.  Being introduced to Jif's new Peanut Butter Granola Bars, I fell in love with them with the first bite.  Creamy peanut butter on both the top and the bottom, yet without the mess, combined with a chewy granola middle satisfies my daily urges.  It's sweet salty blend is quite irresistible.

So far I have only found these bars at one of my local grocery stores, and for such a high price, too.  So where can you go to find these bars, and at a savings?  At Shoplet, of course.  Shoplet sells the Jif Peanut Butter Granola Bars by the box and at a very reasonable price, too.  If you own a small convenience store, these bars are also all labeled for individual sale.  I love that I can grab a box of these granola bars (since we are still a big close knit family, we still buy in bulk).

Knowing that I have a box or two of these hanging around, I know that anyone can get a delicious snack whenever they want.  Even though that most of my kids are grown, and some have fled the nest, does not mean that they don't stop by and visit.

Just this last weekend, two of my kids that have a job that keeps them traveling, grabbed a whole box of these to take with them.  I said to them, "A whole box?!"  And what was their reply, "Yeah, Mom, these are good!  Wish we had these when we were still in school."

Jif Peanut Butter Granola Bars come in a bunch of different flavors.  They would make great snacks for at school or when the kids get home!

Did you know that Shoplet carries such a vast assortment of snacks and goodies as well as their vast line of office supplies?  They do, and what a supply of snacks, Jif Creamy Peanut Granola Bars, and coffee, such as Folgers, that you can get for an incredible deal.

At, you'll find everything that you need for your business: office supplies; cleaning supplies; medical supplies; office furniture; and everything in between.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Everything For Back To School Supplies at Shoplet - Paper Mate, Sharpie, Liquid Paper Review

Is it already that time of the year again?  Time to get your kids ready for this next school year.  I have just the store that you can go to to get every single brand that you and your child want for school - and at great prices -  With many thanks to Shoplet, I got some PaperMate items, a package of Sharpie permanent markers, and a package of Liquid Paper correction tape to review for you.

Even though I home schooled my children, we still went out hunting for our favorite school supplies each year just like any other family.  We found over the years that brand name items were the best quality, and we couldn't go wrong when buying PaperMate pens, Sharpie Permanent Markers, and to cover our mistakes, Liquid Paper.

PaperMate pens has always been our choice of pens when buying a big package.  We knew that we could count on the quality of their ball point pens time and time again - plus we knew they were filled with ink.  I was delighted to get this package of 8 PaperMate InkJoy 300RT Ballpoint Pens.

This set of PaperMate pens come in 8 delightful colors that will add some pizzazz to your children's schoolwork.  These pens write super smooth, and all the colors are vibrant and bright.  I had these for only a few days, and when my daughter came home for the weekend from work, she grabbed all eight of these pens to take with her on her next business trip.  She finds this set of pens make lovely drawings.

Because of all the years of homeschooling my children, I became to rely on mechanical pencils.  I loved them as they never went dull.  When I got working on something with one of my children, I did not want to stop the train of thought by sharpening a pencil.  Mechanical pencils were my choice to use.

The wording on the package says to "Make the Switch" and if you are a mechanical pencil user, you will want to start using these PaperMate Mechanical Pencils.

If you are not a mechanical pencil user, then I urge you to switch to these PaperMate Easy to Hold Mechanical Pencils.  The mechanical pencils are triangular shaped and wider that other mechanical pencils.  Plus, you won't get much breakage with the leads that PaperMate has loaded them with as the lead in these pencils is a full 1.3 mm thick!  One thing that always bothered me with other mechanical pencils is that the lead in those pencils was always 0.7 mm thin.  Being that thin, those pencils could really rip a hole in your paper.  With these PaperMate Mechanical Pencils you won't have that problem!  Writing is so smooth, easy to read, #2 lead for all standardized testing, plus you don't have to sharpen.

Sharpies - one thing that the kids demanded.  They love to decorate so many of their things with Sharpie Permanent Markers.  I was sent the new Limited Edition Electro POP colors of Sharpie Markers.  These colors just jump right off at you for whatever you create.

Sharpie permanent markers are so great to have some fun with! The colors you'll see in this package are optic orange, techno blue, ultra violet, nano blue, and electric pink.  The ink dries super quick and has been formulated to be water and fade resistant.  With this set of bold energetic colors, creating captivating effects has never been simpler.

The fine lines you'll artfully materialize with these markers will be spectacular.  The whole family loves to work with these Sharpie Markers.

One thing that always got me mad back in school was having to write essays in ink within a certain time period during class.  I always did a mistake or two and had to use Liquid Paper to erase my mistakes.  That Liquid Paper has come a long way from when I used it.  Now they have Liquid Paper Correction Tape.

This is the correction tape to get!  I love the dispensers as they fit so well in the hand.  The correction tape has never ripped on me, and I always get smooth lines.  It's never messy, and it is instantly dry where you can write or type over it immediately - no wait time.  Since the dispensers are transparent, you can easily see when you need to get another package.  You can get Liquid Paper PaperMate Correction Tape at Shoplet.

Whenever I do another review for items from Shoplet,com, I am always finding new and interesting school and office supplies.  Shoplet has great deals and carries an assortment of office supplies, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, office furniture, and everything in between.  Find all the great Sanford office products at Shoplet.

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