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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Keeping Food Fresher Longer with the Ozeri Instavac Food Storage Set

We all want our stored food to stay as fresh as possible.  Isn't it frustrating when you put fresh fruit away in a seemingly good container one day, and the next day it's already looking old?  This won't happen with the Ozeri Instavac Food Storage Set.  I am very thankful to Ozeri for sending me a set of their Instavac Food Storage Set to review for you.  This set of storage containers helps to keep your food fresher for a longer period of time.

Let's look first to what makes food spoil more quickly.  One of the biggest causes of food spoilage is oxygen and air.  Oxygen, by itself, can make food simply to oxidize and break down more quickly.  Without oxygen, microorganisms can thrive which is the main cause of mold on foods.  Oxidizing enzymes also lead to food breaking down more quickly.  Having an environment that is lacking oxygen is one sure way of keeping food fresher longer.  The Ozeri Instavac Food Storage Set takes the oxygen away from food thus your food stays fresher longer.

How do the Instavac containers work?  Once you fill a container, seal the lid, then press down on the lid.  The excess air is forced out through the valve on the top of the lid.  This creates a strong seal and won't let oxygen back into the container thus keeping foods fresher.

The seal on the container is so strong that you must lift the valve to let the air back in to be able to take off the lid.  On the valve, there is also a convenient dial that tells you can set to the day you put the food in the container.  Now you will know how long the food has been in the container.

So that some foods won't sit in their own juices, there is a wave pattern on the bottom of the containers.  This will help keep fruits and vegetables elevated.

Fresh fruit does stay fresher longer!

Even candy stays succulently softer and fresher for a longer time (if you can keep it for over a day that is)

I have even kept bagels fresher in these containers for a few extra days.

The Ozeri Instavac Food Storage Set comes in a set of four containers.  They easily stack within themselves to save space in your cupboard.  This containers set is BPA-free, stain-resistant, shatter-proof and as transparent as glass.  They can be used in the freezer, microwave and are dishwasher safe.  Ozeri always guarantees your satisfaction!  You can find this set at and

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MikiHope said...

Being single I have shied away from buying fresh produce-I have had to throw so much of it away. Fruit lasts a bit longer. This sounds like it might be a solution for me.

Marie Moody said...

These look great for lunch or wow so many things. Leftovers or even school stuff too or my crocheting or I can use some for my makeup... or I bet Dave could use these for his music stuff too the ideas are endless....

Marie Moody said...

oh there's so much you can use these for. Not only food, but other things to if you want to keep them separated. Thanks for sharing. I really like these. Going to have to hunt them down.

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