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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Send'em Back to School With Jif Creamy Granola Bars - Available at

One thing that my kids loved to snack on when they were growing us was a good granola bar.  We have a new favorite in the house, and it has all the delicious flavor of peanut butter that we love combined with the a sweet chewy texture.  It's the Jif Creamy Peanut Butter Granola Bars.  How kind of Shoplet and Jif to send me a box of these irresistible snack bars to share with you.

While I was home schooling my kids, I would always give them an afternoon snack to get their energy levels back up again after a long day of good learning.  What the menu usually consisted of was some fruit, a granola bar, and a glass of milk.  This would be the ticket to rev them back up to get their afternoon chores finished.

I'm like the kids, I love a good granola bar as an afternoon snack.  Being introduced to Jif's new Peanut Butter Granola Bars, I fell in love with them with the first bite.  Creamy peanut butter on both the top and the bottom, yet without the mess, combined with a chewy granola middle satisfies my daily urges.  It's sweet salty blend is quite irresistible.

So far I have only found these bars at one of my local grocery stores, and for such a high price, too.  So where can you go to find these bars, and at a savings?  At Shoplet, of course.  Shoplet sells the Jif Peanut Butter Granola Bars by the box and at a very reasonable price, too.  If you own a small convenience store, these bars are also all labeled for individual sale.  I love that I can grab a box of these granola bars (since we are still a big close knit family, we still buy in bulk).

Knowing that I have a box or two of these hanging around, I know that anyone can get a delicious snack whenever they want.  Even though that most of my kids are grown, and some have fled the nest, does not mean that they don't stop by and visit.

Just this last weekend, two of my kids that have a job that keeps them traveling, grabbed a whole box of these to take with them.  I said to them, "A whole box?!"  And what was their reply, "Yeah, Mom, these are good!  Wish we had these when we were still in school."

Jif Peanut Butter Granola Bars come in a bunch of different flavors.  They would make great snacks for at school or when the kids get home!

Did you know that Shoplet carries such a vast assortment of snacks and goodies as well as their vast line of office supplies?  They do, and what a supply of snacks, Jif Creamy Peanut Granola Bars, and coffee, such as Folgers, that you can get for an incredible deal.

At, you'll find everything that you need for your business: office supplies; cleaning supplies; medical supplies; office furniture; and everything in between.


MikiHope said...

I have seen those bars around and you are correct--they are expensive! I have yet to shop at Shoplet--this sounds like a good time to go and browse!

Jackie said...

These look delicious and I'd love to try them. I have never shopped at Shoplet but will have to check it out.
Thank you for the review.

Marie Moody said...

Whoa! This is a new one. I'll have to tell my daughter about these. She's the one with four kids at home, but might as well say 6 1/2... hehehe- Her oldest son & sometimes his mate & her grandson comes around and he's home again if ya know what I mean.... hahaha Gotta loves kids! Thanks for sharing. Then of course there's my other kids I'll share with too! hahahaha

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