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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Games Are a Time Honored Tradition Of Family Fun & Togetherness - NOVICA #HGG Giveaway 12/12 WW provided me with a gift card for this post.

Games are a longstanding tradition in our home. They represent family togetherness and fun. People have been playing games probably since the dawn of time. They have been a great way for people to practice social interaction. We do play many of the modern day games, but the games we really love to play have been the favorites of many throughout the centuries.

So what are our favorite classic games? We love playing backgammon, chess, cards, and dice. Dice may have been the first game that man has ever played, and we play several games involving just dice. We love these classic games, and where can you find classic handcrafted renditions of these games? You will find them at NOVICA's Handmade Games Showcase.

Source: - Religious Carved Chess Set, 'Rama'

Not a holiday goes by without a chess match in our home. From what I have learned about the history of chess, it goes back to about the 6th century A.D. and may have originated in China. Through the centuries, the game that will become to be known as chess spread to the ancient empire of Persia all the way to Southern Europe. We love it because it is a game of ultimate strategy.

Source: - Wood backgammon set, 'Basuki Dragon'

What's more challenging than a game of backgammon. My husband and I love playing this formidable game. We play this game several times a week, and enjoy it wholeheartedly. In the 32+ years my husband and I have been married, we have gone through three different backgammon sets - yeah, they just wore out. If you know someone who is a backgammon enthusiast like us, a gift of a handcrafted backgammon set from NOVICA would be much appreciated and have been made to last for years.

Source: - Wood Card Set 2 Decks of Cards Brass Inlaid Box, 'Four Suits for Luck'

Another game that is almost a nightly treat for us is cards.  I've been playing Liverpool rummy with my family since I was old enough to hold cards. I have since passed this game onto my family. The Four Suits of Luck wood card holder is going to make our two decks of cards now something to display proudly. This card game set was made to last and will be passed down.

Source: - Hand Made Wood Mah Jongg Game from Thailand and Colorful Rain Tree Wood Domino Set Game from Thailand

Fostering togetherness and social interaction is the main purpose of games. Giving the gift of a game this holiday season will bring joy and happiness. Finding a beautifully handcrafted game from talented artisans around the world is what you will find at Games are a time honored tradition that has passed the test of time.

Source: - Hand Crafted Marble Chinese Checker Game Set, 'Colorful Contrast';

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