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Friday, January 20, 2017

Quickly & Easily Pull Wine Corks With the Ozeri Extravo

If there is one thing that I just cannot accomplish, it's pulling a cork out of a bottle of wine with an ordinary cork puller. I can't keep the corkscrew in the middle of the cork, and I'll get bits and pieces of the cork in the wine. I'm a real klutz with a corkscrew. With many thanks to Ozeri, I am now an expert at getting those corks out of the bottle with the Extravo, an automatic electric wine opener that they sent me to review.

The Ozeri Extravo is a fully automatic electric wine bottle opener. It's a cordless handheld and lightweight to make taking out to corks a breeze. A bottle of wine is opened in seconds with no effort on your part. I guess that's what I really love about this.

The first step to getting a bottle of wine open is to cut off the foil covering the cork. Included with the Extravo is a foil cutter (that also doubles as a base for the Extravo).

The foil is quickly cut away to expose the cork at the top. Now it's time to get that cork out of the bottle

Simple put the Extravo on top of the bottle and push down. The Extavo automatically starts up and pulls that cork right out of the bottle within a few seconds.

The cork came out so quickly, it sort of boggled my mind. What a difference it was between the Extravo pulling out the cork to me struggling to get that cork out.

Click the button on the top, and the cork comes right out. The wine is ready to be poured and enjoyed. No pieces of cork in the wine like when I do it. Just great tasting wine.

Plus, there is no need to put that cork back into the bottle. The Ozeri Extravo also comes with a bonus pourer and stopper.

The Ozeri Extravo is a great portable handheld device that will automatically remove and ejects corks from bottles. It's stainless steel design will look great in every kitchen or on your bar. It's a cordless device that quickly and easily opens natural and synthetic corks. 

It has a built-in rechargeable battery that will open up to 60 bottles on a single charge. When plugged in to charge, a pretty blue LED light illuminates the bottom. Looks really cool in the evening - much better than what I was able to picture it.

With the Ozeri Extravo, I'm now a whiz at getting the corks out of bottles! Get the Ozeri Extravo at Amazon.

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