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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

5amily Personalized Coffee Mug Review

Disclosure: Many thanks to 5amily for sending me a personalized coffee mug to review. No other compensation was received.

If you have been with me for a while, you'll know that I love personalized items. Why? Because something that is personalized makes something common into something totally exceptional. At 5amily, you'll find an exceptional personalized items that fit peoples passions like the coffee mug that they sent me.

Here's a mug that fits my passion - "To Save Time Let's Just Assume That DANIELLE Is Always Right." It's an 11 ounce glossy white mug printed on both sides with a beautiful floral design around that great saying. This mug can be printed with anyone's name in big bold letters.

The artwork is truly amazing on this mug. This limited edition design is baked on the ceramic mug and will not scratch off nor come off in the dishwasher.

I really love this mug as it fits a passion of mine - that I am always right, even when I am wrong! Ha! Get this 5amily personalized coffee mug today. Would make a great Valentine's or birthday gift.

5amily is a well-established online store that offers customized goods and merchandise that are personalized for passionate people. Whether it's a hobby, sport, profession, pet or any other passion, there is something for everyone. 5amily makes it easy to pick out the perfect item just for you or for someone you know. All items are guaranteed. Follow at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.


Maria K. said...

I like that!

Jeff Taylor said...

Wow they do have a lot of neat personalized items- in addition to the nifty (and practical)coffee mug! I think I found a birthday gift!

Lisa Weidknecht said...

I absolutely love this!

Ivonne Tarantino said...

What a beautiful mug; I need one of these in my life which holds the perfect size for coffee drinking.

Jacqui Odell said...

I love these. They are so cute! I want one for myself!I have such a weird spelling that I am always looking for things I can't write my name on it.

MikiHope said...

A friend bought me a mug as a present recently--this would make a perfect gift for her and a matching one for her husband!!

Marie Moody said...

My father use to say, "I may not always be right, but I'm never wrong"! Of course I passed down the saying to my children!!! ~snicker-snicker~ I would love to get a cup like yours though and it's very feminine I likes that a lot.

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