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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Giveaway - Coffee Joulies: The Newest Coffee/Tea Accessory 5/12 US

Disclosure: I received the following item at no cost in return for an honest review.

Are you ever frustrated that your hot coffee or tea is just too hot to drink at first and then has grown too cold a few minutes later? I've been having that happen to me almost every morning. While catching up with the news and my emails, I can't drink my morning tea right away and then it becomes too tepid to drink. After zapping it in the microwave, it just doesn't have that same good flavor that it had before. That problem has now been solved with these incredible little Coffee Joulies.

Coffee Joulies are the latest accessory for the coffee and tea drinker. These little special stainless steel beans are quite new invention that will cool your coffee and tea quickly to the perfect temperature to drink, and then keep it at that temperature much longer than you can imagine.

Each polished stainless steel shell is filled with an advanced phase change material that melts at 140°F. Put them in your coffee and they absorb heat when it is too hot, storing that energy inside. When your coffee reaches the perfect temperature this stored heat is released to keep it there longer.

Coffee Joulies are so simple to use. Just put a few in your cup, one bean for every four ounces of your hot beverage, and fill it up. Because they are made with stainless steel, they don't give your coffee or tea any flavor, just the perfect temperature to drink at your leisure that can last for up to 2 hours! I know my tea stays at the perfect temperature for over a half hour - that's how long it usually takes me to drink my morning tea. So happy with my Coffee Joulies!

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Do you know of a mother who loves to take her time enjoying her coffee or tea and finds that she has to top it off to warm it back up again? Coffee Joulies would make a great Mother's Day present to keep your mom's coffee or tea at the perfect temperature for up to two hours. 

Each Coffee Joulies set includes the following:
  • 5 Coffee Joulies (made right here in the USA)
  • Instruction card
  • Joulies logo carrying pouch (burlap)
  • Available worldwide
  • FREE SHIPPING in the USA!!

Coffee Joulies are the best way to enjoy your coffee or tea to the fullest at the perfect temperature - never scorching hot nor tepid cool. Coffee Joulies were invented by two Daves who were neighbors and classmates in Pennington, New Jersey. Working from opposite coasts for 8 months, they conceived, engineered, prototyped, and hand-produced the first run of Coffee Joulies.

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Enter to win a set of Coffee Joulies of your own
$47.96 Value!

This giveaway is open to US resident 18+, and will end on May 12, 2017

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