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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Music Monday

Have you ever heard of the South Korean drama, Goblin? It wasn't long ago that I got done watching it, yet I have not yet got done listening to the music. Goblin is a sweet melodrama that was filled with beautiful music. Here's just a few of the songs.

Here are a few of the other songs from the drama. I chose the ones to share with you that are all in English. Since Goblin is a melodrama, these are love songs that have a bit of sadness added.

I really loved the following cute and whimsical instrumental. I just got a new phone, and A Glittering Wind is my new ringtone.

I usually watch all my Kdramas at KissAsian. If you got there to check them out, be sure to use an ad blocker.

Want to play along?

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